Clinics and Services

Travel Immunisations

The practice nurse will let you know if you need any injections. She will advise you when these should be done and discuss the other ways of staying healthy. Please allow at least eight weeks before your departure to ensure adequate cover.

Flu Immunisations

Towards the end of each year we hold regular influenza vaccination clinics. Not everyone is invited for a ‘flu jab’ so please remember to keep your appointment.

It is recommended for the following groups

  • All patients aged 65 or over
  • Chronic respiratory disease including asthma
  • Chronic heart disease
  • Chronic renal disease
  • Diabetes
  • Immuno-suppression

Doctor’s Clinic

In addition to your standard consultations, the following clinics are available for those with chronic medical illnesses.

Women’s Health Clinic

Dr Saima holds a regular clinic on a Thursday morning especially for women with gynaecological complaints which includes contraceptive advice, coil fittings, Implanon fitting and Menopause management.

Men’s Health Clinic

Dr Musarrat holds a clinic on a Wednesday morning at our Branch site especially catered for men with urological conditions. He also has an interest in sports medicine.

Under 25’s Health Clinic

We hold a regular clinic on a Wednesday evening catering for the under 25’s. Here young patients may discuss common health and sexual problems in a friendly non-judgemental environment.


All patients on regular inhaled steroids should have their Asthma assessment at least once a year even if you feel your asthma is well controlled. It is particularly important for newly diagnosed patients to attend this clinic and we have useful information and leaflets to support patients and parents of Asthmatic children.


Diabetic clinics are run every week. It is important that all patients with Diabetes are seen at least once a year. We are able to give advice on many areas and have useful information and leaflets to support you. We will ensure that your blood pressure, eyes and kidney function are regularly monitored.


COPD (abbreviation for Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease) clinics are run fortnightly by our practice nurse Margaret. We also provide a Spirometry service. It is important for patients to reviewed at least annually by their clinician even if you feel your symptoms are well controlled. We can advise you and provide you or your carer with useful information and leaflets for educational support.

Cervical Smears

All women between the ages of 25 and 65 years should have a regular smear test (every 3 years for routine cases). Any of the Doctors or the nurse can do this at the surgery either in normal surgery times or in the Women’s Health Clinic.

Smoking Cessation Clinic

We are always available to assist you when you have made the decision to stop smoking. Book an appointment with our practice nurse to discuss the various methods available to help you become ‘smoke free’.

Counterweight: Weight Management Clinic

You have the opportunity to book an appointment to speak to Dr Saima or our practice nurse about ways in which to reduce your weight and encourage a healthy lifestyle. Please feel free to discuss the exercise on prescription option available to some patients, which may allow you to have access to local gyms and swimming pools free of charge.

Baby Clinic

Baby clinic is held every Thursday morning at the main surgery between 10.00 am to 11.30 am. This is a walk-in clinic so no appointment is needed. Please be sure to bring along the baby’s red book.

Please Note: Baby clinic is held on a Thursday morning between 10.30 am to 11.30 am please book in for an appointment


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